Author Topic: Not the same result in Unity  (Read 145 times)


I'm just getting my head around substance painter and am struggling with the maps being exported to Unity. Here's my results comparison:

The exported maps also don't look right, long streaky angles as opposed to how I think they should look:

Being a substance painter noob as I am, i'm probably missing something really obvious, but I would really appreciate some help on this, been pulling my hair out all week on it.



Did you convert your mesh to Tris prior to baking and texturing in Painter?

What are you Unity shader settings? What did you create your project as in Painter? How was it exported?

More details are needed.
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Sorry, I knew there would be more info needed, but I didn't know what.

Convert to Tris: No I didn't convert, it's standard quads mesh

Unity Shader settings: standard/default - tried autodesk interactive (same result)

Creating the project: PRB - Metallic Roughness (Allegorithmic)

Export: Unity 5 (Standard Metallic)

Oh, and I don't know if this is relevant, but i'm still on my free trial at the moment