Author Topic: Weird texture export to Vray  (Read 148 times)

Hello :D

From time to time i get this weird result on my exported textures for Vray...

This is what it looks like in substance:

This is what it looks like in 3ds max Vray:

As you can see the texture is not the same. I dont really know how i can explain how it looks like, so i hope you can see what i mean... This isn't a problem i have all the time, but it happends sometimes on some models and i have no idea why.

Im exporting the texures as Vray config and i apply them to the model in 3ds max Vray.

This what the texture is like after export from substance:

This is what it should somewhat look like (this is the PBR MetalRough config):

(The maps are Diffuse). It looks like IOR and Reflection maps have the same problem.

What workflow are you using in Painter? What profile are you using to export? What are your shader settings in 3DS Max? How are your nodes set up? Are you using the same HDRi map as you have in Painter?

Not 100% sure what to write about what workflow im using, but im using an HDRI map in 3ds max (not the same as in substance). Im using the Vray preset profile export. I have the diffuse, glossiness, ior, normal and reflection nodes setup in 3ds max (not height map). Other example where this is the case is this:

All the textures on the robot is the same in substance and 3ds max, but the ground is not. Its having the same problem as my tank. I created the ground later in a diffrent document with the same settings.