Author Topic: Exporting as Bitmaps - A couple of bugs  (Read 254 times)

I'm an architect and I use export as bitmaps from Designer a lot in my process.

I keep tweaking my materials as I'm rendering in other software.

I also need to save disk space and save times while doing this and I'm not too much into closeups so I can live with sRGB color space, I don't need Raw.

There are two bugs in the export as bitmaps dialog:

1 - When I tick on export bitmaps when outputs change I get no automatic export;
2 - After configuring sRGB color space for all my channels, if I close the dialog after export and re-open it, all the color spaces have reverted back to default (raw)

I am experiencing this same issue. I have defined the usage for all of my textures as sRGB, but my settings are ignored when exporting.

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this, but I also hope it's an easy fix.