Author Topic: Substance Source + Arnold GPU renderer  (Read 1607 times)


The Arnold CPU render works perfectly (albeit a bit slow on a single CPU) with the substance2 mapping. However when you switch it to the new Arnold GPU renderer it fails to show the materials in the render.

The work around is to bake the outputs and then remap the Arnold Standard Surface Material but it's time consuming to do this task.

I'm running 3DS MAX 2020 ver. 2020.3.03165, Arnold ver. and substance ver. 2.3.1.

Is there a fix in progress?
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I'll need to talk with Autodesk on this, but likely it's something missing vs something broken.

We may need to do some work with MAXtoA and Arnold itself for it to work, but I don't know the specifics yet or how Arnold GPU differs in scene tranalation from normal Arnold.
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After talking to Autodesk, I think we have to do more work to directly interface with both MAXtoA and Arnold.

This is something that can and should be done, but we would want to tool it so that the infrastructure works in Maya, etc. as well.
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Maya, 3ds Max and Core Libraries

The two tools complement each other and the Arnold GPU renderer is really useful for quick iterations. It's still has some issues with noise and lacks photometric lights for production but it's really fast :) Good luck with the implementation.

Also minor issue but the material preview for Arnold Standard Surface is broken when you connect the substance2 map. It displays a checkerboard RBG sphere.