Author Topic: 3ds Max preset is resetting parameters  (Read 3747 times)


I'm making a brick materials with a lot of customizable parameters, but at the moment it's not usable because all the presets I create resets a couple of parameters to the minimum value. Does anybody else have this problem?
some of the values include the height, width and real world size of the texture, making the presets totally unusable for me. :(

The only thing I've noticed about the link between the parameters is that they're not connected directly in to node values, but used in functions.
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I'm having the same issue and struggling a lot to use Substance in 3Ds Max because of this!

please help

I've found the bug! (at least for me)

In the substance material parameters, you can't have any parameters with customised minimum values!
If a minimum value is anything else other than 0, every time you open it, it will reset that parameter to the minimum value you set it up.

So imagine you made a float1 scaling from Min5 to Max10 and you place it on the value 8. Every time you touch the material, it will automatically reset the value to 5!!!

quite stupid...