Author Topic: Substance Painter fail when re-importing modified model?  (Read 276 times)

Hey all, had a bit of a major issue today. So got a base body mesh with seperate materials for body and arms which I mainly painted in 3d using symetry. I modified the base mesh topology so the body and arms now have different topology and uvs though the head topology andUVs are still the same.

I save out the head material as a smart material.Then import the new model and drop in the smart material. BOOM! All my seperate paint layers are messed up?! Again Uvs and topology for the head is the same as the previouse model, so I really don't understand why everything has been thrown off?

Any idea what is going wrong? I cant think of a reason for it to do this. Thanks

Also to add, this only happens when saving out and applying as smart material in a new scene with the new model loaded in. Seems to be fine if I re-import the model over the old version in the current scene?