Author Topic: Ability to work on multiple UV Sets  (Read 3841 times)

That would be great if there was an option to change the UV set in Substance Painter... There are a lot of situations where we need to paint masks on multiple UV sets of an asset and then combine them all in Maya/Max.

The way it currently is, we need to export a lot of versions of the same asset into one single file in SP, and all their UV sets need to be put on "Map1", and then make the masks all separately. This way it's VERY hard to have an idea about how the masks are gonna look like when combined, not to mention that having to import the same asset multiple times ONLY to be able to access its different UV sets is painful, improvised and counterproductive.

This feature would be useful in both animation and game pipelines.
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This is a feature that a lot of folks are in need of and is heavily used in workflows for mask-based materials and baking between different UV sets among many other styles of multi uv set manipulation used in the Game's Industry.

Are there any plans or timeline for implementing this feature?