Author Topic: Height to Normal World Units  (Read 273 times)

Hey guys, first time using Substance...

Im trying to create Normals from Height, using:

Bitmap Node (16 bits Height Map) -> Height to Normal World Units ->Normal Output

As you can see on image attached, the Height doesn't get converted to Normal

Am I doing something wrong?


It's important to know substance treats color and grayscale images and nodes seperately.
You can tell which node requires what in part by name but also the color of the input and output dots (orange=color. grey=greyscale) as well as the color of the wires between nodes.

Your image is a color image, as indicated by the orange output dot. But the normal node requires a grayscale input.
You can convert color to grayscale with using a "grayscale conversion" node. (And to convert from grayscale to color you can use the gradient map node)

I'd to it the other way around:

On the bitmap node, just set the "Color Mode" to grayscale (the height is grayscale so the node should be grayscale)
Then use a "gradient map" node to convert to color whenever you need.
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