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When you go to Substance menu -> Substance Settings -> Render Compatibility "Open Dialog" it tells the user that they have an incompatible renderer. However it doesn't tell you which renderer is incompatible.. This was leading to some confusion within our Corona user base.
Is it possible to describe which renderer is incompatible in this dialog?



Hi Rowan,

We're working on finishing any issues with Corona renderer right now, so it should be better in the next release, which will be upcoming very soon.

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Hello Galen,

I join this conversation, because Rowan created this thread following to a post I did on Corona's forums. A Corona user has just informed me the new Sustance plugin version was out, so I installed it right away. Unfortunately, it seems somehow broken here ... in Substance Settings :

- Memory Budget and CPU Cores Limit don't show any number;
- clicking Open Dialog for Renderer Compatibility doesn't seem to do anything :(
- clicking on Apply and Cancel buttons doesn't see m to do anything neither
- the only way to close Substance Settings window is to click on little X on the top right

Enclosed a screenshot of what I get (3dsmax2020.3)

Thank you.
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Yes, I see what's wrong. This should be fixed soon.
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The issues with values not updating Corona are a WIP and are set for a further release on top of this one.

Hi Galen - it is a shame you guys are not treating this as a priority! this is making the plugin connecting with 3ds max simply not usable. I only work with 3ds max so basically, for me, I'm paying for a yearly subscription that I'm not using. Not cool at all!
Same feeling here ... Substance in 3dsmax is not usable !!

Hi guys,

I have small problem with substance in 3ds max integration.
When i load SBSAR file ( material ) in substance2map node in 3ds max, material starts to behave weird.
There are weird lines on carpet, marble floor and armchair ( picture below ).
Also, i use redshift render engine ( paid licence ).
I hope someone can help me with this problem.