Author Topic: How to solve this banding??  (Read 1251 times)

Using "Desert Sandstone Dark" from Source in Alchemist as the base layer, and then putting the "Stonewall Pattern" filter on it, the displacement looks like it drops to 8 bit (or even less)  This is not a texture size issue, as I'm at 2048 and it actually looks worse than at 1024...Is there some setting I should be using to make the height channels blend properly?
At 1024 and 2048 below. 

I've noticed this stepping in C4D when using Redshift, and I always thought it was the crappy implementation of the Substance plugin inside C4D (It falls back to 8-bit) and also because these stair steps don't show up when using baked out versions of the textures - but these 2 screenshots are inside Alchemist.  Can anyone point me in the direction to resolve this?  I'm hoping if I understand what is causing this, it might help me trouble shoot substances inside C4D being rendered with Redshift also.  Been battling this for 2 years!



What's your version of Substance Alchemist?

Can you send a screenshot of your layer stack with the Stonewall Pattern parameters panel opened?

Substance Alchemist Product Manager


Is this what you need?

We found the issue and solved it. It will be included in the next release.

Substance Alchemist Product Manager

That is amazing. Thank you!

yesssss!! This issue has been fixed.

Thanks Substance dev team!