Author Topic: SBSAR publishing problem.  (Read 753 times)

I got a huge, terrible problem when I published my new assets.
1. I can't see my node in my library. 'Show In Library' option is set to 'yes'

2. Some of exposed parameter is gone. Gone parameters are related to the output size, and format.

3. Some of usage setting of every value input, output is gone. so I can't use material mode with published .SBSAR nodes. I couldn't find a rule for this problem. No image input usage is lost. Value input may have some problem.

4. My published assets does not inherit output size and format from input in compression mode 'Auto' and 'Best'. But it inherit when the mode is set to 'None'. Except only one node. Keep describing in 5. Of course,  .SBS file does not have any problem like these.

5. Fx-map related parameters are gone.

So... What is the problem with this? I can't even figure it a bit.

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Scroll down to "Limitations"

It's indeed annoyingly unclear from inside substance designer which parameters do and don't work in .sbsar format.