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A general workflow question.
Do you manually unwrap your models when texturing in substance painter?
I was taught to manually unwrap, scale them, and pack them as much as possible. That was when texturing was mainly done in Photoshop. I still unwrap them manually. It does take some time. Is it necessary? I have started using auto unwrap for sections where the model doesn't need a lot of detail and manually unwrapping in other areas. It bothers me to see such a mess in the UVs. Just curious how you prepare your models for texturing.

I always manually unwrap meshes that bring enough focus. If the mesh is a background piece and doesn't gain a lot of focus then I would be more willing to use auto tools to unwrap UVs.

You will normally get better textures and bakes by manually unwrapped models assuming you've unwrapped them correctly. You have to factor in your time on certain pieces and their "value", and I personally would put more time into meshes that the end user has more focus on when manually unwrapping.

I agree. I was wondering if people are ditching manually unwrapping. Thanks for the reply.