Author Topic: What is the difference between Height and Normal channels?  (Read 796 times)

I'm not sure I see the difference.

Aren't the height details(/height channel) later imprinted onto the normal map?

Is height just normal without directionality (aka bump map)?

Thanks in advance.


Painter does use height for painting in normal details as well so keep that in mind.

Oh, I know about displacement mapping.
I'm only interested in how SP handles the height channel, because I am a beginner in SP. I know what all these do in computer graphics in general.

So in SP height is used for displacement maps? Ok that makes sense, but if you don't bake a displacement map then I guess that the height channel simply goes into the normal channel and baked into the normal map correct? Otherwise, if you don't bake a displacement map then all Height channel information is completely lost.
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