Author Topic: Exported Normal Maps have weird stripes on it  (Read 280 times)

Hello! I'm a beginner in Substance Painter and run into a lot of issues with my normal maps.  :(
When exporting my textures and some weird stripes appearing on my normal maps and I have absolutely no idea why. I baked the high poly details on my low poly mesh.
Can someone please help me with this problem? Every model has these stripes on its normal map

And I don't know why the image uploading doesn't work :(

I uploaded the photos on imgur

Normal Map:
How it looks in Painter:
Messy lines on Map in Maya:
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If you don't mind sharing your file It might be easier to take a look.
Does it look fine if you just bake it without any other maps?

How can I share a file in here?
I baked the details from my high poly to my low poly mesh and when I look at Normal+Height+Mesh channel I have this issues. I have absolutely no clue what, it is. Here is the image:

Attach it when you post a message, it is below the text box " Attachments and other options" or use Google Drive / Dropbox.

The file is too large for an attachment here (132mb), so I uploaded it to wetransfer. :)
Here is the link:
I hope someone can help me!

I know I'm a bit late to the party but here is my 2 cents:

Try changing the padding setting in the texture export window. The stripes show if you use 'Dilation Infinite'.

- explains why the stripes are generated.
- and scroll down to 'Padding Settings' this explains all the available options.
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