Author Topic: Painting with material mode  (Read 429 times)


I've created a "tree bark" material in substance designer and imported it to Substance Painter.  I then created a fill layer and applied this to the model with the tree bark texture in loaded in the "material mode" slot. 

Then I create a new layer with a paint effect, load the same tree bark texture into the "material mode" slot of the paint layer, and try to paint this onto the mesh. 

The resulting texture in the paint layer appears to be much lower resolution than in the fill layer, you can see what I mean here:

Is there any way to change the resolution settings of the "material mode"? 

If I load the treebark material in the projection settings, I can get more or less the desired result, but I want to know if the resolution in the "material mode" version of the texture can be modified.

I still have the issue I mentioned above, and I've also noticed something else.  When I try and paint using "material mode" on a paint layer, the diffuse texture looks lighter than the underlying fill layer.  I've included an image to show what I mean.