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Hello. I'm new to Substanse Designer, so I apologize if the question is simple. I want to get advice on creating a generated map. Can someone tell me or what ideas there are, I will be grateful.
1) Create a set of random geometric shapes.

2) Based on the photo, paint each form with an average color (based on the color under this form)

If 1 can be done using a splatter, then how to correctly do 2 is not yet clear.
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The "tile sampler color" should do the trick.

It can be an intimidating node with so many inputs and options, but you can ignore everything you don't need.

First you will need some shapes with a transparent background. Using the alpha merge node is a clean way to do this.
Use the shape as alpha and add a uniform color.
I'm just using white, as the tile sampler will add the necessary colors.

On the tile sampler, you have to set "pattern" to "pattern input", and there is a slider to allow multiple inputs for multiple shapes.

And if you scroll all the way down, there is the option to use the color input map, and set the slider under it to 1

Thanks a lot!