Author Topic: How to import a texture (diffuse image)  (Read 402 times)

New to SP, and I can't find how to load a simple existing UV image. Lots of stuff in the (outdated) tutorials about painting from scratch using PBR materials, but I just want to bring in an existing texture that I've already created for my mesh. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Drag the texture to your shelf, import as a texture or File->Import Resources, then create a fill layer and put it into the correct slot - drag and drop - (ie. Base Color). If you don't see those slots then make sure you add the channels via Texture Set Settings.

Thanks for the quick and informative reply. That worked perfectly! I was expecting it to be something like a 'diffuse setting' mapped to a specific file, so I didn't think to try the fill layer. It looks to be a very versatile way of doing it. Thanks again, you saved me hours of banging my head against it.   :)