Author Topic: Automating Object Texturing?  (Read 447 times)


Is this possible with Substance Painter Scripting?
1) Check folder with FBX files
2) Import them one by one
3) Bake Maps
4) Texture Objects Based on Color ID Map. For instance, if Color ID has RGB(1,0,0) add Wood Material or RGB(0,1,) add Metal Material
5) Perform a rough render and save the image

The most important thing is probably the Color ID Map part. I don't want to add every material in the layer and add masking. Just add a material, if a corresponding color is in Color ID Map.

I know Python but completely oblivious to Javascript.
Before I start learning JS, is the aforementioned process possible (i.e. supported by the JS API)?

Or should I just wait for the Python version of the Substance Painter much the same way with the Python version of the Substance Designer (

The current API doesn't allow to import a mesh, it is only possible with the commande line:

It is also not possible to edit the layer stack, so you won't be able to add smart materials or create layers.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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