Author Topic: Substance Painter Unreal Engine 4 Live Link plugin displays Unity icon  (Read 136 times)

I have UE v4.23 with the SP plugin and SP 2019.3.1. When I 'Send to Substance Painter' from a mesh asset in UE4 it exports to SP, but a Unity icon is displayed, not the UE4 icon. In the project that is formed: Edit -> configuration it says OpenGL (instead of DirectX) and it doesn't have 'Compute Tangent Space Per Fragment' enabled which is a must for UE4. It seems that SP thinks that I'm transferring assets over from Unity and not UE4. Why and how do I fix this? Thanks in advance.

This is an issue I'm experiencing as well. It seems that UE4 can import into Substance, but once there substance is only set to export to Unity. My message log will only sync UE4 files coming in but not export back out to UE4.