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I'm currently new to Substance Painter. I've started using it as part of my uni course and I completed my first bake on Thursday with moderate success. :) I understand that if you have something set to a current session, any resources you bring in will be lost in the next session...? That might be the cause of the issue I'm having. My original meshes - low and high-poly - had material IDs set up. Now that I have my bake, those material IDs no longer seem to be there when I try to drop a material on it. I should point out I'm using my PC/laptop instead of the machine I used at uni. Is there any way of sorting this out so I can restore those material IDs?


Not sure about the context of 'meshes had material IDs set up'. Material IDs/ material assignments only have meaning when creating the project (you can create TextureSets from material assignments), or for baking ID maps from material assignments.

Are you talking about a baked ID map, did you try to bake an ID map from the highres mesh but didn't take the actual highres mesh at home with you?

You need to describe what you have done in more detail.
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Turns out I'd forgotten a simple command. I was supposed to hold Ctrl when dragging a material onto the mesh. All the assigned colour/material IDs then show up. :)