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No matter what I do in the new build that came out today it just crashes.
I'm running a Macbook Pro Retina with OSX 10.9.5
Open Substance Painter works 50% of the time.
Open old project, Crash!
Make new Project, Crash!
Check for Update, Crash!
Submit Bug Report, Now Crashes too!

Did anyone bother to test this on a MBP before releasing it?


We don't have such problems on the different MacBook Pro (I am currently using one).
Can you send us the log report please?

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Would love to, but the bug reporter crashes too.
Tell me what/how you want me to get log files to you and I will

I have same issue. The more you use painter and leave it open such as when watching the tutorials on Youtube with Google Chrome loaded the more it crashes. The licensing doesn't cover installing on multiple machines beyond a few or I'd have tested it on 24 machines.
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You can the log file in :
*user folder*/library/application/support/allegorithmic/subtance painter/log.txt
(Library is an hidden folder, you will have to unhide before)
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Multiple crushes when doing anything. I had crushes when clicked thumbnail size icon, when toggled quick mask mode, when whatever.
iMac OS X 10.9.5 24Gb RAM. Painter 1.0.2.
And Bug report tool doesn't send reports.
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As posted in a sick topic, we removed 1.0.2 OS X build from our website as it seems very unstable on Mac, and advise to use 1.0.1 in the meantime which seems much stable.
We are investigating about those problems and we will ship a new build as soon as they are fixed.

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