Author Topic: Meet MAT 2 "Cozy-bot" by Sandra Wojna  (Read 877 times)

Hi, I'm new to the forum :)
My entry to the contest is a cozy-bot, the idea comes from daydreaming of what it could be like to explore new planets. Surely people going on these missions must be very brave, but even they could make use of a small companion monitoring their physical & mental health. Get yours today!

Below you can see a moodboard I've put together for this project.


My biggest problem was that I had loads of ideas, but they did not suit the contest. What I mean by that is, I wanted to show a range of materials (bye bye, onesie mat idea...), but would not require so much displacement it that it would be difficult to paint & take away the original mat f l a v o u r (bye, samurai mat...) and lastly, I REALLY wanted to have metal elements because substance has a lot of options for juicy looking metals.

Process gif:

Process shots:

Beauty shots:

I really enjoyed participating in this contest, taking a break from my classes in a productive way, learning more about this software :) Displacement maps are my new favourite thing! Feel free to give me critique

thats one stylish mech boi, good luck  :D