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My Mat is themed around the internals of  a gameboy pocket. I've been repairing a few Gameboy pockets lately, so i have a spare motherboard and screen around to use as reference, in addition to internet images. As you can tell this is not finished, as yet I need to redo the contrast and potentiometer wheels, add fuses, capacitors, and identifying names, the led is too pointy etc. I'm thinking about adding the batteries to the back of his legs, one battery per leg. Time permitting, that is :D I was considering putting the cartridge slot on the front of his waist, like a fanny pack, but I prefered to put the button contacts there instead. So it now sits on his back, awaiting a colour pass.

If anyone has any feedback I would be super grateful!

Awesome idea!

Thanks Batatanikita!

Here are some updated images of yesterdays work I forgot to upload  ::)

I've added some capacitors since this photo, they aren't perfect by any means, but I really want to move on to adding some fuses and adding more detail to the head, which i've neglected a bit. I also really need to work on the base. Currently the plan is to texture it like a gameboy shell....I really like the yellow pokemon edition for the Gameboy Colour, so I'll design it around that. I'm also planning to add a headphone and aux jack on the base, how good they look decides whether they go on the front or the back of the model  ;D

The final images-
Artstation link for more renders:
It was done in 4 days and i think that shows in some areas. I have learnt a lot though and had fun in the process, so I'm happy :)