Author Topic: Bake mesh maps for selected texture sets  (Read 359 times)

Is there any way to bake mesh maps for just certain selected texture sets, instead of baking all or just baking the one you've selected?

For example, I was working on a model with 50 texture sets for which I'd baked mesh maps. I then edited the model and added 50 more texture sets. Now that I have loaded the new model into Substance Painter, I would like to bake the mesh maps for the 50 new texture sets.
However, my options seem to be either to re-bake for the whole model, which would waste time re-baking half my model, or to sit down and manually bake the new 50 texture sets, which would also take forever.
Is there a third option here?


It's not possible at the moment with the current interface. It's only doable with the scripting API.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Ok :)
Do you have any resources or recommendations for learning to use the scripting API?