Author Topic: ZBrush bake in Substance Painter  (Read 415 times)

Hi everyone,

I'm a beginner on ZBrush and I don't find the resolution of my problem on Internet. I maked a modelisation on ZBrush as you can see :

low poly

UV in ZBrush

high poly

And when I try to bake the high poly on the low poly in Substance Painter, the normal map looks really weird

I don't have made a retopoly of my low poly, only a Zremesher and I tried to bake objects one by one (body, eyes, etc) but nothing change. I watched some videos on Youtube to find a solution but nothing worked.
If someone have a solution of my problem that would be really great, thank you !

first thing, your low poly should be remeshed to a lower subdiv i would suggest.
Second - your UVs could look a lot nicer, try to set intelligent polygroups for the Zbrush unwrapper (UVmaster) to work with.
Iam not sure what texture sets you have in SP to bake "one by one" as you say.
Except if you applied different materials in another software to access those parts.
Your mesh seems to be a onepart thing  - so bake by name wont work the way you expect I would say.