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Very often using substances in 3smax (2012-2013)
I recieve an error when opening a 3dsmax scene including substances :
    "error loading ParamBlock2".
The .max can't be opened until I close and restart 3dsMax.
Any way to avoid that issue ?
Thanks (please excuse my english)

I am also having this problem with 3dsmax 2013. The Allegorthimic Substance shaders are used in VRay materials, and are part of a standard 3dsmax Multi-Material.

The errors are occurring when trying to render, open files, and merge objects from one scene into another.

It is particularly problematic when using VRay distributed rendering, where it causes my slave rendering nodes to become disconnected from my main workstation until I reboot all the affected workstations.

This problem is making the Allegorthmic Substances unusable in my workflow.

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We made some tests and the bug seems to be difficult to reproduce.
Do you have the possibility to send us a sample file/repro case?

A possible workaround would be to save the Substances as bitmaps to be sure it behaves the same way bitmaps do. To do this you can save them from Substance Player (which is free, and can batch several outputs per Substance), or directly in 3dsmax using right click on a "Map output" node and "Render Map" (you can then change the resolution).

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Thanks, Gaetan.

Awesome response time!

The problem has many layers of complexity, so I can understand why you can't
get it to reproduce. VRay materials embedded in a MultiMaterial, and applied
to VRay Proxy objects.

Converting to bitmaps seemed like the most straightforward solution, but I
wasn't sure how to do that.

Much thanks - I'll give it a try.

This is a major problem for us and bares the plugin not usable. When will the update be ready for download?



I'm having the same issue in Max 2020.  I open a file, it opens up just fine, when I go to open a recently used file, I get this sequence of messages, followed by the opening of a blank scene:

file Open "Error:Error loading ParamBlock2", (click ok), get "File Open Error: Invalid file-only partially loaded", (click ok), get "3ds Max: File Open Failed- followed by the path to the file I'm trying to open ie. C:folder/folder/filename.max", (click ok), and then..... nothing happens.  I have a completely blank scene.  Any ideas?

I can close Max usually and re-open, then load the file I want to load, but it shouldn't be this way.  It's a huge waste of time having to keep closing and re-loading max every time I want to work on a different file?


This is something that should be fixed in the next release.
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