Author Topic: Crash when importing alchemist project (with 17 materials)  (Read 1041 times)


So Alchemist crashes every time I attempt to import or open a specific project.

I cannot open the scanned material I did for a while now. Is this due to a corrupted material and will I be able to recover the other ones?
It appears that the program closes when trying to load the last material

I already cleared up the AppData Alchemist folders
Updating Alchemist and trying on different computers didn't help
I attached the log file

Thanks in advance  :)

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Hi Samuel,

If Alchemist crashes when you try to import a project can you send the crash report to the support.
There is some precious information inside, and it can help me to better understand what happens in your case.

Thanks in advance,
Quality Engineer
Alchemist User Manual
Alchemist release note