Author Topic: Alchemist not exporting correct textures??  (Read 1190 times)

So i've been trying for at least an hour now to trying to get alchemist to export the correct basecolor texture and now i'm getting the ump  :(   I'm basically using a base material node and just using alchemist to clean and delight my imported textures a bit, but I have a feeling alchemist is exporting the imported texture from the base material node instead of the final edited one, below is a screenshot of the original, edited, and exported texture from alchemist.

ALSO, for some reason when I check and uncheck which textures I want alchemist to export it just exports the whole lot anyway regardless of if i've unticked a few??

ALSO ALSO... Alchemist seems to be crashing a lot and the delighter seems to not work on occasion when hiding and unhiding the layer

I've also tried a fresh install of alchemist and deleting the appdata files