Author Topic: Performance - 2019.3.2 is awesome for handpainting, until it isn't :C  (Read 558 times)

Hey Guys - (also sorry for the click bait title)
My name is Jake Williams and I'm a character artist over here at Gearbox Software.

I'm really enjoying all of the awesome new natural painterly brushes introduced in version 2019.3
During my time on the development of BL3, I actually used substance painter quite a bit to do my inking pass, because I wanted to preview how they would look on our PBR Models.

Due to Substance Painter keeping track of every ink stroke I would make, I had to develop a performance work around. I would do about 20-50+ ink strokes, substance would begin to strain, I would export my mask as an image, re-import the image and use that as a fill, remove the old paint modifier , add a new paint modifier and continue my inks. I would have to do this "flatten workaround" process a good 6-8 times before my inks were completed.

In terms of base color work and painting

I would use Substance painter's generators to set up some quick baked lighting and then take it into a program like 3D coat or Photoshop to do my more painterly stuff.

With the release of 2019.3+ I noticed there has been an increase in performance, and the photoshop brushes feel and look great! So I attempted to do all of my color/paint work in substance!

However the stroke preservation started working against me quickly and just started bogging down my file. I would add a basic layer, paint for about 20 minutes ... the layer would then start to lag. Workaround, create a new basic layer - I would then be able to paint again with no performance issues ... 20 minutes later ... lag. I WAS able to create a pretty cool painterly texture doing this - but I had to create about 20+ basic layers to do this, and now that I'm in my tweak/export phase my file is now starting to REALLY chug.

We really need an option to just tell substance - release our brush stroke information - forget the 1K+ individual strokes game artists make when creating a stylized game asset.

I've seen one post talking about this, but it was disregarded as a "hardware issue",26314.msg102095/highlight,flatten+layer.html#msg102095

If there is a "flatten" option out there and I'm mistaken please let me know, honestly if I'm a dummy and there's an easy feature I just don't know about - holy crap I will be so happy ^_^ - I really love this software, I want to use it more, and I'm really excited at the prospect of being able to hand paint in substance. I just feel like these performance issues are a massive bottleneck.

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One problem I see that might arise from your suggestion is that Painter keeps all those strokes around so that you can export to a higher resolution.   Rather than the software re-interpolating the artwork at a pixel level (like scaling up in Photoshop) it is going back and re-painting everything using your original strokes, at a higher resolution.   At least that is my understanding. 

But yes, I agree, it can be a problem in longer painterly sessions.

Maybe allow the flattening, and pop up a warning saying you loose the ability for higher res exports or something like that.