Author Topic: Trying to create Logs, Beams and Planks like these  (Read 600 times)

HI folks:
I am COMPLETELY new to Substance, I just downloaded it a couple hours ago. I work in blender and in UE4. A lot of the architectural visualization projects that I do are Log homes of one size or another. One of the major blocks to my work has been that I have never found a good material to use for the logs in the walls. The procedurals that I have looked at (Particularly TIMBR) are so heavy they crash blender, Photo textures just dont look right etc. For this project the Log walls, tie beams (the big ones) and Planking on the ceiling are exactly what I am looking for (minus the white chinking) Is this a place where one would use substance designer? and if so, is there example work to work from? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated