Author Topic: Error istallare after update substance painter 2020  (Read 339 times)

hi, I made the update of substance painter (2020), for reasons of practicality since I am new to the use of the software I decided to go back to version 2019.3..when I uninstalled and reinstalled the old release did not work as well as before. ... I'm trying to understand why ... when I download and launch to re-install it tells me that it was not installed correctly ... to install it I have to pass it for win rar and then run the setup ... install it but and how ... for example the drag and drop does not work anymore and I import with drag or alpha or texture I have to import them from the internal commands ... all this is frustrating .. thanks if someone knows how to reinstall everything better as before ..
operating system win 10 pro
4 video cards (3x gtx 1080 and a rtx 260 super oer la vista), i7 processor and 64 gb ram