Author Topic: Please add export .fbx file for auto-UV'd meshes  (Read 167 times)

Hi this is my first feature request I would like to know if there will be a .fbx export option The reason I ask is because it was exciting to see that there is a new auto-UV feature added to the current version but after discovering that Substance Painter cannot export .fbx option It seems less useful. Especially if you are using a game engine and .fbx is the main file format you mainly work with.
If you could export the mesh as an fbx mesh when auto-UVs are added this would be a great time saver.
I am aware that Painter has the option to export .gltf and .obj but when exporting either of these file formats these the scale gets messed up and does not match the original .fbx file
It would be a really great time saver if texture artistis could import their .fbx file to Substance Painter ,auto-uv the mesh,texture it,export the fbx and import to a game engine.
This would help not having to correct the scale back to the original size.   
If Substance have no plans to add this feature in the future does anyone know if there is a way to fix the scale of a Substance Painter exported .gltf file?

We are currently looking at improving the export options.