Author Topic: Substance painter keeps crashing when baking?  (Read 128 times)

so basically the baking starts and then the software crashes straight to desktop, i am using the newest version of substance, i never had this bug before but then again i am using a new computer with an AMD graphics card and processor. could amd be the issue here?
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Wrong section (was in Designer), I moved the thread.
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Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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I can confirm that I had this problem as well and I was using an AMD ryzen Cpu. I found that the problem was that I had to update the BIOS on my motherboard. Im not sure what you are using but you will need to find out what brand and exactly what model and then contact the motherboard brand or go on their website and talk to them about how to download the correct BIOS file for your motherboard and how to run it. It's very important that this process is done correctly.