Author Topic: Export a bigger texture - based on an substance source material  (Read 630 times)

Hi there,
I just grabbed me the material "Ebony Reconstituted Quarter Cut" from Substance sourse, and opened it in designer.
Looking at the sample image and comparing it with an real ebony wood sample, I guess the texture is 15cm in square, because of the character/structure.
But the idea behind SDesigner is to make everything procedural, right? So you could use the material on every size of the model. Still true? But becuase of the wood structure I can´t just scale the texture to cover a bigger model, lets say forexample a 50x90cm door of a cabinet. To keep the same character, I need to tile the texture. I would have to tile the texture 5times, and than you wil see it is repeating. You can see what I mean at the attached image.
My question: because everything is prozedural... is there a way to scale the size of the Material in designer and tile for example the veins and mix em, so that it will not look that repeated in the end without having to alter each single node??

Thanks in advance for any help.

this is a picture o my sample. If you compare the structure of both I would say the SDmap is nearly 15cm. Don´t you think?