Author Topic: Meet MAT 2 - Polaroid Camera  (Read 1453 times)

Hey everyone! I had a lot of fun last time this contest came around so there was no question of participating again :D

Here is my current project, a Polaroid camera that has seen some love, use and grime. Don't think too hard about where the picture comes out ;)

Ive seen quite a few excellent projects already posted and I love seeing the wide variety of creativity using the same program and model. Good luck to everyone participating!

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been experimenting with adding sharpie to replicate writing on polaroid pictures. Not sure what I think of the effect yet, im pretty fond of the clean slate look as well :)

Calling this finished! Very happy with the final result :)

Definitely love this one!

I saw this on ArtStation and fell in love at first sight!  Instant fave!

So adorable :D