Author Topic: Meet MAT 2: The Space Traveler  (Read 3755 times)

I missed the Meet Mat 1 contest and I'm very happy to join this one.

The new Substance Painter is awesome with the tessellation feature, so I want to polish the heigh channel as much as possible. I also give myself an additional small challenge: I won't use anything outside the Substance standard shelf but 1  custom color profile (for rendering later).

My idea is that MAT is an Space (and maybe Time) traveler, who will jump through Space to explore the universe. Some planets are very dangerous so he lost 1 arm and leg. But now his new arm is strong enough to help him go further and safer.

The device on his right arm is used for select destination to travel, and of course MAT can see the time with it :).

I have a long way to go but it's really fun to play with the heigh and tesselation.
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I go a bit more with the head.
No need an actual face to show some emotion, right :)

Love the sight  8)

Thank you Vinvent :D

Today I add some more details to his device. He should know exactly where and when he’ll jump to, shouldn’t he? ;))

Love it!

Thank you

It’s really fun when playing with the heigh channel.
Do you join the contest?

I played with the heigh and tried different ways to achieve my target. It’s a bit challenging but very fun.
Here’s some views of his left cyborg arm.

Those hard surfaces are looking super pro, cheers!!

Those hard surfaces are looking super pro, cheers!!
Thank you.

Today, I almost finished the base/main textures. I'll add some small details and a bit weathering/scratches but not too much, because MAT love his suit and take care of it very carefully.

Looking very nice :)

I really loved this guy man, great work on the asymmetry and use of opacity and height. Also his smirk is the best :)

So far this is my favorite !

Thanks everyone.

Maybe I done with the details. Next I’ll polish a bit and render.
(I wish tesselate-distance could be higher in the next SP version)

Don’t know why I can’t attache images (for now), I’ll try again later.

Hi everyone,

I think I done with this.
You can take a look at higher res here:

thank you :D