Author Topic: Cannot load Substance binary file  (Read 2734 times)

Hey guys,

What could be a possible reason for the following error message in Substance player: Cannot load Substance binary file
Also in Substance painter it gives me a n error when trying to import a substance.
I had it working a few times but with the attached substance things go wrong.

I stripped the substance to the barebones still will not load, while others do load fine.
Working on a new laptop alienware with a Nvidia GTX 860M


Regards, Robert

There does not seem to be any output in this substance. Maybe it is the cause of the error ? (in which case I agree it should be more explicit).

Thanks a lot for the fast reply  :).
I'm missing some point then, I double checked and added three output nodes.

Somewhere else then probably that I need to check, but where?
(indeed should give me a warning when publishing)

Regards, Robert
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OK, I found it.
Compute output was set to no, I was fooled because when copying a working output-node from an other graph it automaticaly switched to NO also. Don't know why this is though.

Regards, Robert