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Hello Guys,

When i reviewing materials and click on one of them on  it shows up some version of the material and says Preset 1 Preset 2 Preset 3..etc , but once i downloading SBSAR file and importing to C4d i can't find any Presets listing within specific material... Any idea?


Hi DAvid,

After some investigation, it looks like the Substance integration by Cinema4D do not handle the ready-made presets from the Source assets.

However there is a workaround to use the presets in C4D:
Open the Source material in the Substance Player, and export the preset you want to apply in C4D (the expected file format is .sbsprs).
Back in C4D, it is possible to apply a preset on a material, so you can open the same material, and import the corresponding .sbsprs.
It should apply the expected look to the material!
PO @ Allegorithmic

I see. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!