Author Topic: Can't download more than 1 material from library - substance source  (Read 203 times)

So i downloaded free trial to test the program and I downloaded from substance source 1 leather and that's all it lets me download. In my assets it shows me just this 1 material. it does show me on the right that I have 0 asset points.
Afterwards it tell that : insufficinet download; no donwloads remaining; substance gives you access to 30 downloads per month. And i am subscribed.

What I can't download more from source?


Hi Maria,

With the Substance account you posted a message with (and with which you downloaded the "Chesterfield" material) you don't seem to have a subscription.

From what I can see in your account you started a trial version of Substance Designer.
The 30 download points per month are only included in the subscription, they are not included in the standalone version of the tools or in their trial versions.

If you have indeed purchased a subscription, would it be possible that it was with another Substance account? That would explain why you don't have a subscription and the 30 download points in your account.
PO @ Allegorithmic

Okey, I see. So i have trial version and can't download anything more until i will purchase a license?

Kind regards,

Hi Maria,

To get 30 download points per month on Substance Source you need a Substance Subscription.
On top of the downloads it gives you access to the latest versions of Substance Alchemist, Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

You can try some materials by looking at the "Free" tab on Substance Source.
PO @ Allegorithmic