Author Topic: Export Tessellated Mesh and Textures  (Read 232 times)

Hey there,

I'm pretty new to Substance, but really enjoying it.

Does anyone know of a way in either Painter or Designer to export a tessellated mesh from either program?

I wanted to use this high poly mesh afffected by the height information to deform a mesh and then export that tessellation deformed mesh including the textures.

Is there wa way to do this?

I setup a test object (rocky cliff wall) and I can get the desired result through the shader, but when I export the mesh it comes out flat again.

Thanks for reading  :D

You need to setup displacements in the target rendering application. Plug in the height map from Substance Painter into the displacement slot of the shader (Maya, or wherever you plan to render the object).

If you want a tesselated mesh, freeze the displacement in your 3d modeling application.

There is no way I know of to export a displaced mesh from Painter.

 ;) Thanks man, I scoured the known internet to no avail and figured as much.

Cheers for your prompt reply.