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Hello Everyone, For this challenge, I am making Indian version of cute couple cake. Did rough pain over in painter. I am really excited. Best of luck guys.
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Some references that I am following.

I started painting height maps in painter. So, after painting height maps I am generating normal maps and other maps in the Substance designer.

More sculpt WIP's. :)

Hello again, sculpt is almost done moving to the paint stage. Here are some of the WIP's screenshots.

Hey guys, there is noise coming while rendering with IRAY. Anyone help me reducing this?
I am attaching the screenshot of my settings. Thanks.

Maybe the rendering sample is too low?

try setting up the renderer settings like how i did in the image ^, when you put the Max time in 0 it will only stop when it reaches the max samples, also enable Firefly Filter, good luck

Actually the rendering window was not showing that's why I got confused. Now its working , thanks.

Hello everyone, Hope you guys are doing well. So, this will be my final submission. I really enjoyed this contest. I saw some of the excellent submissions. Best of luck. See you soon.