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Updated to the latest version today, 7.1.0-804 , unfortunatley, zooming behaviour remains jerky for me. I have no interruptions with zooming when using the mouse, but,  when I use the pen to zoom in/out, the app seems to frequently temporarily loose its context (the top bar turns white), causing laggy and very annyoing zooming behaviour. Would be really nice if zooming would work as flawless as it used to again. I can not understand that this is not a thing. Maybe it effects just me, I don't Know. I have the latest Wacom driver installed. Not the slightest problems in any other apps. I am using my tablet with Blender, ZBrush, Unity, Unreal, Krita, Affinity Photo/Designer, 3D Coat, ... all fluid without problems. No lags there. I don't know how to get rid of this and would appreciate any help. It is plaguing me ever since I first posted here. I followed the docs on how to setup windows ink for Painter twice.

I created a video demonstrating the problem. I could not attach it because I got a server error. You can watch it here instead:

Is there any fix planned or available for enabling Windows Ink for "Mouse Mode" when using a Wacom tablet? Or any workaround to get pressure sensitivity with "Mouse Mode" like it's possible with Photoshop?

This is so extremely frustrating! To fix this should be your top priority from now on. I can't stand windows ink so I basically have to do without pen pressure in Painter. It's really sad since it used to work flawlessly for years...

I can't believe this is still an issue. Why hasn't this been fixed yet? Clearly people don't want to be forced to use windows ink!

I lost count on how long ago I first encountered this issue, but I'm absolutely baffled about the approach of Algorithmic/Adobe. This is one of the most important settings/options that Artists need to control their brushstrokes to create beautiful and creative things.

I understand that things changed on the windows side and some point, but why is this still a problem? So many updates with nifty and cool new features (which I'm grateful for), but still not having tackled god, I'm disappointed.

Is there an update on this? Is there any sight on when we can use Substance painter with "Mouse mode" on the most widely sold tablet in the world (Wacom)? Any solution...option in preferences, text overwrite file (like in Photoshop), anything?

Please...with a cherry on top...can you guys fix this?

This has been said in this thread before, but relying on Windows Ink rather than Wintab allows us to support many more tablet models, and since the switch the complaints and reports about tablet compatibility have dropped significantly.

That being said, we understand Windows Ink may not be ideal in other apps or when interacting with the OS. You can setup a profile for Painter in the Wacom tablet properties to ensure that Painter uses Windows Ink while other apps still use Wintab.

I've been having many problems with brush lagging using an XP-Pen 24" in both Substance Painter and Photoshop, but it's worse in Substance Painter. I've tried with Windows Ink on and off among a hundred other things and nothing seems to work. I can wait if this is something that will be addressed, but I'm a little concerned that it might be the tablet itself. If anyone else is using an XP-Pen tablet, could you mention whether these sorts of lagging problems are affecting you too? Thanks in advance.

My tablet model is Wacom Intuos Pro M PTH-660 (v1.5.0.0), driver version: 6.3.42-2
I have followed the advice on configuring pens and tablets to the letter, and the control panel options of course, but it hasn't fixed my issue.
I'm experiencing the "sticky slider" debacle and it's mind-numbingly distracting and annoying.
It occurs like this, i would click on a slider and then slide but nothing updates for a while and then suddenly pops to wherever it thinks my cursor is and all of this is random, how long it's stuck, it could be half a second to 3 or 4, or if it happens at all. Other times I would be adjusting a slider and suddenly it would just release the click itself... randomly.
I did a test with photoshop but with windows ink active, I get an eerily similar behavior when it comes to click and hold stuff.
It goes without saying that any other application works fine without windows ink, and that there's a separate pen profile for substance painter.
I sincerely hope for an immediate solution for this unnecessary problem.

I managed to reproduce the issue and we are looking into it. It seems to only happen when the slider is at its maximum or minimum value when you start moving it, and not all sliders are affected.
Dear Mr Noguer,
It's been quite a while since you mentioned that there are people looking into this slider problem... Any news or updates at this point would be just plain awesome. Thank you
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Same problem with latest version, this problem has been around for a while and i still see no fix, it makes painting a chore.
Not using any overlapping UV's, using UDIM's, had this happen with another character that didn't have UDIM's, just painting lots of brush strokes on a layer, only color, turned off every other layer and still lags but painting with mouse works normally. On the brush settings i disabled pressure, have some spacing, jitter on everything and a alpha that comes with the program to create random color for skin. Tried also disabling Windows INK and still lags only with tablet, if i change the tablet to use as a mouse i loose the mapping on the left monitor.
Zbrush let u choose what to use, Wintab, etc, why can't this be done in Painter also? Do we need to move to Marmoset till this issue gets fixed?
My specs:
CPU:I7 8700k 3.7GHz
RAM: 64 GB
Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4 Medium.
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We can reproduce the issue here and are looking into it.

Any movement with this issue?

Running into the same problem running 2021.1.1

Happy to report that the next release will fix sticky sliders and poor performance when painting many strokes with a tablet.
Thank you for your patience!