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Last time i contact with support they told me somethong about my AMD CPU, but after a conversation they backed to the tablet driver.

The thing is, when im swapping camera rotate and camera zoom hotkeys  in Settings - it starting to work with tablet. but if ill try to set th custom one - it wont work.

hi guys!
Any update on that front?
Can we have wintab back as an option? This would fix all your issues and everyone would be happy.


Adding my voice to allow to choose between Windows Ink and Wintab.

Despite following the steps in the original post for pressure sensitivity, it's still not working. In previous versions of substance painter pressure sensitivity worked great.

Wacom Intuos 5
Wacom Driver: 6.3.11w3
Log attached


Here we are at another update, been almost a full year of releases with broken pen UX. Sliders still not working like they should, and still seeing Ctrl+Alt+Shift popups(this is the most annoying thing ever and it makes me want to yell at people at microsoft).

Getting better with each iteration, but I really wish you would just have a second mode that uses the wintab library. (even like photoshops obscure config .txt file, ANYTHING!) I'm still using 2019.1 but paying for new versions, can I get a discount or something? Feeling a bit ripped off.

I think the most frustrating thing about it is the obvious solution is being ignored for what i would guess is a decision made by upper management. It seems to me it is well within reason at this point to provide some sort of legacy pen support until you can iron out the issues with windows ink. even if it adds extra development time. even if it means some brushes dont work. Perhaps someone could give some insight on the refusal to provide wintab support?
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Got my pressure sensitivity working! My Wacom settings were setup for an old version of substance. Adding the new version to use windows ink worked. User error.

That being said, I am also seeing a lot of input lag / weird popping, random popups (Alt, etc) that didn't exist with wintab. I'm also experiencing the slider issue many people are seeing. I've seen this before in other programs with windows ink. I believe the way it works is that windows ignores pen location changes within a certain radius of the initial position (when the pen first touched down). So until you move outside of that radius it ignores any movement.

So despite getting things to a workable state I do still think it would be great if users had the option to choose which preference works best for them.

1) I'm using a Huion Kamvas Pro 13

2) I'm hand painting a model (8K polygons, 4 materials), but the layer I'm hand painting started to slowly build up lag to the point where my tablet pen is unusable now. I've removed excess channels (metallic, height etc) to slow it down but it kept building up. Creating a new layer seems to fix the issue for a while but seems to be a very weird work around.

A few things I've tried to fix this on my end:
*) New layers don't lag (but I'm guessing it will slowly build up as I paint on it as well).
*) Turning off Windows ink completely eliminates lag along with my pen pressure.
*) Painting on 2K, but 4K works completely fine on a new layer and 256 still lags on the old layer.
*)Hardware shouldn't be the issue because my rig is fairly up to date as well and the drivers have been updated to see if that fixes the issue.

3) This thread seems to have a similar (or even exact same?) issue.

The thread I've linked noted that a fix was being worked on but I haven't been able to find anything about whether it was implemented or what it was.

Substance Painter: 2020.1.0 (6.1.0)
Wacom Driver: 6.3.38-2
MSI 2070 super, Latest Nvidia drivers

I'm experiencing some of the same problems detailed in this thread using windows ink with the recommended settings. With windows ink enabled viewport lag makes the program unusable and brush resizing using the shortcut CTRL+RMB is nearly impossible as sometimes it adjusts brush hardness other times it will be brush size and is very laggy.

I don't seem to have a problem with the sliders and painting performance seems fine but the software is unusable with this amount of lag.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Jesus i think i fixed it, after 5 years of having problems with windows ink i managed to reduce the lag.
The problems are windows ink flicks, but ever since flick panel was intentionally hidden i had no idea how to fix it, so i disabled windows ink and problem solved. Ofc here comes the awful substance change that requires it.
Posting before tests since i will probably forget about it later.

Anyway, heres the registry directory for it.

Type "regedit" into the windows search bar and open registry editor, then navigate to


Find "FlickMode" and set it to 0, i also changed tolarance.

exit and reboot

Also disable press and hold from pen settings if you havent already.
Works for me for now but i expect it will be broken on next windows update as it always happens.

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@tsga, my pen flicks was already turned off so this hasn't worked for me. What did you turn the tolerance down to?

Please please please allow us to use Substance Painter WITHOUT needing to turn on Windows Ink!!!

It used to work nicely before. Now it's SUPER FRUSTRATING to paint in Painter!

Windows Ink off, no pressure sensitivity. Windows Ink on, pressure sensitivity with all sorts of super annoying little lags with every brush stroke and interface interaction.

None the suggestions above work to get rid this, and NOTHING is more annoying than hunting around in system and registry settings just when all you want to do is just get some work done.

I am having similar issues.
I have sent a bug report inside the program.

Info: 2 Months or so ago I trialled the program, 30 days free. I loved it, texturing my models was so much better and actually fun now. So I waited a bit until I had something I wanted to work on an subscribed.
I upgraded my GPU from a gtx 650 to a gtx 1070ti, and updated my tablet drivers (I use Wacom Intuous S, the current retail version) to the newest drivers Wacom was trying to give me while I was there.
Then I subbed to Substance painter, and updated the program using the launcher.

I try to draw with tablet, and it's laggy beyond all reason. . i'm very dissapointed, but I realize it's only when painting with tablet, turning off windows ink or using the mouse isn't laggy. But it has no pressure.
I roll back substance version and wacom driver version to try again, it is still the same.
Leading me to believe it might be linked to my graphics card change.

Either way, windows ink is making it impossible to use the software I just paid 20 dollars to use for the month, and bought new graphics card for. I'm very dissapointed with this change.
At least allow win tab to work for people that have issues until they are fixed, I'm really unhappy with this service, and I had to do the same to photoshop (use wintab) in the past. Atleast it is an option there. :(

I am having similar issues.
I have sent a bug report inside the program.
Please follow the guidelines mentioned in the first post of this thread. You don't provide enough details to give you some help.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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The new update of Substance fixed this issue for me.

I'm experiencing the exact problem described in this thread:,23006.15.html

I'm hand-painting on a layer and eventually the input lag slows down to unmanageable levels but only when using the pen. if I switch to the eraser, smudge or physical paint there is no input lag. Mouse input or pen input while windows ink is disabled also works fine. Working on any other layer also works fine.

I tried closing down Substance painter and opening the project back up but that only made the input lag even worse.

I'm using a Wacom Intous3 with driver version 6.3.6-3