Author Topic: Meet MAT 2 Snowy Boi  (Read 2373 times)

We all miss the snow here in Europe so I decided to make up for it.
Here is a first version. Will slowly add more fancy features in the coming days.

Not sure about rendering this in Iray, for now I am getting odd results. Maybe this is something for Substance devs to look at.
Here is a screenshot from substance painter viewport


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The snow looks beautiful, good luck  :D

Wow the snow is pretty convincing!

Great use of displacement! The judges will have a hard work on the contest

Small update on my guy

Still need to add some nice background and work on the lighting.

- enlarge!


Your Mat looks amazing, and its a really creative idea, if you dont mind i have this little suggestion,

aside for that little detail id say your Mat looks awesome, good luck  :)