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Going to make an old overgrown stone sculpture that is a mix from different old civilizations.

My goal is to utilize all the new displacement and brush tools in Painter, while also maintaining a level of proceduralism for art direction.

Here is a drawover/ideation to get me started.

Some WIP,

Focusing on getting the big shapes working with displacement, then will do a nice secondary sculpt pass on everything.

I set up an interesting anchor point system to make creating these sculpts more "procedural" will share with the community once meet MAT 2 is wrapping up.

Side note, anyone else notice the displacement being cleaner/more aliased in OPENGL vs the Iray Render? I can post a screen comparison later showing the artifacts I'm getting.

Love it!

That stone work and displacement is coming out fantastic. Using the hands as mouths is inspired here.
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Great work! Curious about your technic for the displacement

Displacement looks great!
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@Vincent Gault
@Artem Mykhailov
Thanks everyone!  :)
I will post some documentation / gifs when I get a chance, (high level) I am utilizing anchor points and sculpting on a plane, enables you to use a levels on your inputs to the height channel, and enable you to do things like transform/filter/edit sculpts non destructively and dynamically place them. Can't imagine doing lookdev with sculpting like this without em. ;D

Almost done with the body, going to revisit these belt/pant shapes again tomorrow and consolidate the noise/readability.

Looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

Looks really cool, feels very 'Shadow of the Colossus' / 'Last Guardian'. Surfaces look so tactile, really cool
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@matthieumouthon Thanks matthieu!
@Mackinetic Definitely inspired by that art as well!

Happy with this more intricate "Belt piece" I do not want to have it this detailed on the whole Model. The chunkier forms read well. But I will be going back and sharpening pieces that I did not spend as much time sculpting on a second pass.


@Procedural-design Thank you!

A third pass on the body, pretty content with it for now, going to move on to the headpiece. ( Still need to breakup the silhouette on the legs.)

Noodled a bit with another quick preview material pass & lighting as well.


@Vincent Gault Thanks Vincent!

The Face sculpt took me a bit to get right, still working on finalizing the design and placement. Moving on to getting the rest of the head piece done and bringing some of the body sculpts up to quality.