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First time I join in this contest, the main theme of my Mat is a mix between mecha genre in anime, and sci-fi anime, I just barely finished the heighmap for the face in order to make the main cabin.

The cabin is like a kind of matception, being mat the one who pilots himself

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Great job on the mini MAT!

Lol, we had similar ideas. I was gonna do an alien controlling a robot with the head as a cockpit. I figured if displacement is an option this time around, might as well push that as far as it can go. Did you use paint or projection of shapes for most of it? I've been playing around with both and each seems to have their own pros and cons.


Great idea! My wife had a similar one. ;)

One thing that bothers me though.
All this noise around the "cabin" makes me think that it might be an 8-bit height map baked from the sculpt. Is it possible?
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