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 Fired up Alchemist for the first time in weeks and Avast threw a delighter_plugin.dll into the virus vault. Says it was infected with Win64:Evo-gen [Susp]
and I need to know if this is a legit file for alchemist or if ive been compromised. This machine doesnt go many places on the net but have gotten a couple warnings about a driverupdate site which ive never visited trying to get on the machine. It gets updated and scanned with Avast and malwarebytes every night so am concerned something is up. Google had no info on that dll so please let me kow if it should be legit.

It's a dll shipped per default with Substance Alchemist.
(see attached file)
Substance Alchemist Product Manager

 Ok, very good. I will pass it back then and thanks very much.