Author Topic: Substance file size within the engine ?  (Read 1963 times)

hey guys,
I have a basic question about substance designer and the substance files... when exporting a substance file "for example 2MB big" how large is this file in UE4 / Unity "unpacked". ? Is it also 2MB ?

in theory, yes.
Check the bitmaps you are using inside your substance : they are the main reason of the weight.

but then it depends also when you generate the final map : if you generate it offline, you will only pay the "result", while if the map has to be generated while loading or inreal time, you need to embed the substance (and its cost).

hope it helps :-)
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hey, thanks for your answer.
I just created a substance file which is around 2MB big, after importing it into UE4 the final size in the editor was around 24MB "checked in the content folder of UE4"... so there is not really a big compression....