Author Topic: You don’t have any downloads remaining.  (Read 1500 times)

Hello, I have a question about a thing we don't understand.

We are in the need of a substance source material, logged in with the company account which has 177 points and active monthly renewing license. Now it tells that we don't have any more downloads remaining plus just 30 per month?

1) We have 177 points.

2) We just came back from vacation and did not downloaded 30 materials lately.


I tried it with my private account which has 280 point left. Same message while I did not downloaded any materials for like 2 months. Same network but different PC.

Could somebody take a look if somethings broken on the substance source download page? And why should an account be restricted by 30 downloads with a much higher number of points?

Kind regards,

Please send an email to, they will be able to check the history on your account and help you.
Head of Product Management