Author Topic: Meet MAT 2 contest: Disco MAT! (by Carlos Cuesta Dolz)  (Read 2022 times)


Very much of a noob here, but I wanted to take the chance to work a bit harder on Painter.

Having seen Ben Cooney's amazing Sir MAT and his work on the height maps, I decided to try and "sculpt" MAT a bit. I went for flare pants, a fur coat, and (obviously) a mirror ball head (first ever substance I've done with Designer, BTW!). It's still looking a bit rough around the edges, and I have to decide what to do with his face, but I'm having great fun so far!!
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Glad I could inspire you to give it a go. I like his fur coat :)

Thanks a lot! I still have to find how to avoid colour bleed on some of the raised bits, but I guess it's the nature of the beast. :)

Disco forever  8)

Here's the new version of Disco MAT. I still have to refine the height "sculpting" and decide on the faceplate, but I'm having great fun!

Coat is amazing and I love how you have used emission in this one
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Ok, back on track with thig little guy! What better idea for the faceplate than a record? On a turntable with a strobe light? If there's one, I just don't know of it. :)

I also changed the trousers' material to white satin, which looks more... disco, and changed the color scheme accordingly. I think the earlier version looked a bit too 90's, and this has more of a classic disco vibe going on. And I just can't help but put the glares in there. Shiny is glamorous, isn't it?

The problem with shiny is noisy renders abound, and I'm maxing my computer's powers. Do you happen to know how to avoid all those nasty fireflies besides more samples? I already checked the caustic sampler and firefly filter, but can't seem to get rid of them!

Thanks a lot for your encouragement, and I hope you're having as much of a (disco) ball as I am with this contest.
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